July 8, 2016

About Us

At WBS Connect we customize IP transit, transport, colocation, and expert data networking packages to fit your needs. As a wholesale bandwidth broker we purchase and manage multi-gigabit commitments with premier carriers. Because we buy in bulk, you win.

Our customers have access to multiple carriers and enjoy full-cycle, full-service support. Our global network means enterprises and content providers also get reliable last-mile access, without the headaches and hassle of added network complexity.

WBS Connect customers benefit from:

  • Fast circuit provisioning, generally within three days of an order
  • Flexibility to switch carriers and monthly commitments as needs change
  • Simplified billing and online account maintenance
  • Direct connections to IP carriers, with no AS hop
  • Network diversity for reliable performance
  • Full-service support, proactive network monitoring and problem resolution
  • On-demand access to skilled administrators, network engineers, controllers, and operational staff.
  • Aggressive pricing


Since 2003, WBS Connect has been delivering critical IP connections and Internet operations worldwide. With increasing network complexity and the need for ultimate flexibility and scalability, WBS Connect has expanded its network consulting services. Our skilled network engineers evaluate the requirements of enterprises and content providers and offer guidance about selecting IP carriers, servers, switches, routers, and managing IT infrastructure.

Unlike big-name carriers who may push you into weighty contracts with little customer support, WBS Connect provides unbiased advice and a tailor-made network strategy.

Throughout our company history, our ultimate goal is to give you greater Internet options, lowering overall connectivity costs, minimizing account maintenance, and increasing performance.