July 8, 2016

Case Studies

“The bottom line is that WBS Connect allows us to be more competitive in our market, saving us about 30 percent in IP connectivity costs. They cover every aspect of our connection needs including multiple carrier options, cost savings, performance and simplified billing.” ~ Ryan Duda, Network Engineer for 123.net

Overview: 123.net, headquartered in Southfield, MI, 123.net focuses on providing wholesale services to ISPs, CLECs and other telephone companies located in the State of Michigan. With state-of-the-art products engineered for simple integration with existing infrastructure. The company is well-known in the industry for delivering high-quality, reliable collocation, T1 and T3 voice and data services, managed modem services, and other carrier grade services.

Challenge: In the service provider market, it’s really a cost game. In order to be successful, 123.net needed a trusted partner that could deliver quality and reliable IP connectivity at competitive, wholesale prices.

As Easy as 1-2-3

Ryan Duda, Network Engineer for 123.net, said the company chose WBS Connect because they offer competitive pricing and high-quality Internet connection options. WBS Connects has established relationships with several tier one IP transit carriers, currently managing multi-gigabit commitments with 15 Internet providers. Duda and his team also believe WBS Connect offers superior connectivity and performance, and the best pricing structure. He also liked that the WBS Connect team acted as an advocate for 123.net, as opposed to a sales team pushing bandwidth from an individual, big-name carrier. WBS Connect offered unbiased consultation and guidance about selecting IP carriers that would best fit 123.net’s needs according to their location and bandwidth requirements.

Looking for network diversification and redundancy, 123.net selected connectivity from three WBS Connect carriers including MCI, Level 3 and Savvis Communications. In less than 30 days, the WBS Connect team had provisioned the bandwidth, giving 123.net direct, no AS hop connections to each carrier, with a total bandwidth supply of 1.75 gigabits per second (Gbps).

“WBS Connect has a simple IP connectivity solution that lets them turn orders around very quickly,” Duda said. “We’ve always been impressed with how fast they respond to requests and the support they provide is solid.”

On Demand IP Connectivity

Because WBS Connect manages commitments with several carriers, 123.net was able to build a customized IP connectivity package to fit the company’s specific needs. Duda believes working with WBS Connect is effective because, unlike working independently with ISPs, WBS Connect offers quality Internet connections, more flexible, short-term commitments and low to no minimum bandwidth requirements. Because WBS Connect delivers a pure connection to each IP carrier, 123.net’s customers are guaranteed the best Internet experience possible. A no AS hop connection means 123.net does not have to purchase individual circuits to reach partners in multiple locations and they also benefit from increased speed and connection reliability.

Simplified Account Management

WBS Connect also delivers simplified account management, providing 123.net with a consolidated invoice each month outlining monthly capacity used with MCI, Level 3 and Savvis Communications. Instead of having to maintain relationships and contracts with each carrier, it’s all managed by WBS Connect. Duda and his team have more time to focus on strengthening services and reseller offerings, managing customer relationships, and growing the business.

“We get a cost advantage because WBS Connect buys IP connectivity in bulk,” said Duda. “But most importantly our customers benefit from lower prices and reliable Internet performance. WBS Connect can negotiate more cost-effective contracts with carriers than we can. And they manage the relationships, including all the invoices, technical problems and provisioning, so there’s less stress about the details, ultimately letting us focus on the big picture.”