July 8, 2016


Your Internet operations center is the high-powered engine that drives your organization. As your premier network-neutral colocation partner, we’ll help you maximize resources. Our colocation centers give you the flexibility, security and scalability to propel your business to the next level. We provide first-class data center expertise and services. To meet your needs, we have a colocation footprint in major commerce hubs including:

  • New York (60 Hudson and 111 8th Avenue)
  • Los Angeles (One Wilshire and 600 W 7th)
  • Toronto (151 Front Street)
  • Chicago (350 E. Cermak)
  • Seattle (Westin Building)
  • Denver (Data393)
  • Newark (165 Halsey)
  • Ashburn (Equinix)
  • Miami (NAP of the Americas)
  • Atlanta (56 Marietta)
  • San Jose (Equinix)

As your telecom partner, we’ll evaluate your needs and provide independent advice and contacts for locating the optimal solution for your infrastructure. WBS Connect offers data center colocation- in Class A data centers with the highest levels of power redundancy, environmental controls, physical security, infrastructure options, and unrivaled customer service and network know-how. Whether you manage your infrastructure or rely on our consultants, we’ll help keep your system up and running efficiently, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

By utilizing our bulk buying power, you’ll reduce operating costs and keep up with the ever-changing technology infrastructure in the telecom industry.